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Dick Scott

Dear friends and familiy,
It is with great sadness that I must inform you of the passing of Dick Scott (of Dick Scott Entertainment Inc.) yesterday morning in Los Angeles, California. He was my manager, my mentor and my dearest friend during the mid-eighties and beyond, particularly while I was working with the Aleems.
I cannot say enough about the positive impact this great man had upon my life. His love and compassion gave me the strength to overcome the drug and alcohol induced nightmare I had inflicted upon myself during the late '80s. He took time out of his life to lift mine when it was most down. I loved him with all my heart.
May the Good Lord bless his family and loved ones with comfort, consolation and peace.
Thank you and bless you, Dick, for caring enough to be such a wonderful part of my life. May you rest well in the hands of Jesus and of all the saints. Always your friend, Leroy O'neil Jackson-Burgess.